YM Centers for Art & Sciences

Yun Ma Art Center offers art classes for children of ages 4 years to
adults. Sketching, drawing, water color, oil painting, Chinese traditional
Yun Ma, a professional artist and educator for over 20 years.

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Student Gallery    
  Art Social Saloon                 

YM Art Gallery, exhibits art works of Yun Ma and other invited distinguished

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Dr. Yang's Learning Center offers
Math / Physics / Chemistry tutoring programs for students G7 - G12, through College.  
SAT, AP Calculus, AP Physics tests preparations.

Tutor:  Frank Yang, Ph.D. Applied Physics, Stanford University.
Many years of experience teaching and tutoring fundamental  mathematics and

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Universe Tour , astronomical programs for different levels of students. The programs
include lectures on solar system, stars and galaxies, and the expanding universe; also
include observational nights using the Center's astronomical telescope to tour the
deep sky and take digital photos of the moon and other celestial objects.

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